Motorcycles are one of the most vulnerable vehicles on roads in Washington. Because of the design which offers no protection to the rider, a motorcycle leaves you open for serious injuries if there is an accident. The news is often reporting on stories about accidents involving motorcycles which usually end with a report of a serious injury or death. However, you may still wonder just how often such accidents occur.

Forbes reports that while deaths due to motorcycle accidents have gone down in recent years, the number of accidents is still occurring at a very high rate. Even more concerning that even though the death rate went down, it is not really a good indicator that this is a continuing trend because those numbers fluctuate a lot from year to year. Sometimes the number of fatalities goes down and sometimes it goes up. It is not a stable number to begin with.

It would be far better to see the number of accidents on a downward trend. However, even that is a skewed statistic. For example, weather plays a huge role in the number of bikes on the road. If it is a particularly rainy period, then fewer motorcycles will be on the road, so accident numbers will go down.

When it comes to accidents and fatalities, there are still some huge issues that need attention to really start seeing them decrease. Distracted driving rates need to go down. Driving while under the influence also needs to decrease. Correcting these issues could help. This information is for education and is not legal advice.