Maintaining and riding motorcycles is a hobby that many enthusiasts nation-wide enjoy. Unfortunately, this hobby can also turn deadly when you are on the road with other vehicles. According to King5, motorcycle accidents in Washington alone resulted in 14% of motor-related fatalities and 19% of motor-related serious injuries. 

The goal of the state’s Target Zero Plan is to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities that result from motor vehicle accidents by the year 2030. As part of that initiative, Washington established new laws this year to help the state get closer to that goal. If you live in Washington and are thinking about applying for your motorcycle endorsement, there are some changes made this year that you should be aware of. 

At the beginning of 2020, new laws went into effect regarding how motorcyclists can receive a permit or endorsement. Under these new laws, drivers must now pass a basic knowledge and skills test before they can receive a permit. Additionally, drivers will need to pass an advanced knowledge and skills test to receive an endorsement. 

Driving a motorcycle without proper endorsements will also cost you more in the new year. The base penalty for driving without the correct endorsement remains between $48 and $136. The new state rule, however, will add an additional $250 fine if law enforcement catches you driving without the correct endorsements. 

Under the new state rule, the Department of Licensing will put rules in place that will allow for a motorcycle subsidy program. This program will address issues such as motorcycle training subsidies, testing costs and other concerns that prevent access to motorcycle ridership.