We understand the joy of riding a motorcycle through the beautiful state of Washington, but we also understand that riding a motorcycle requires different knowledge than driving a car. There are specific requirements, outlined by the law, that you must meet in order to legally drive your motorcycle. We want you to be completely legal and safe out on the road so that you have coverage and protection if you experience an accident. 

According to the Washington State Department of Licensing, to obtain your motorcycle license, there are four different tests you have to take. There are two categories: the permit tests and the endorsement tests. There is a written and a riding test in each of these categories. The permit tests evaluate your knowledge of the laws and rules of the road and your ability to safely handle your motorcycle. 

After you pass the permit tests, you need to take the endorsement tests. These tests measure your ability to make good decisions, manage hazards on the road and corner effectively. The knowledge test will ask you questions related to these concepts, and the riding test will require you to perform skills showing your ability to apply the concepts while riding. 

You must pass these tests in order to get your motorcycle license. You must also make sure that you have the legal equipment to ride, including a helmet that meets the standards outlined by the United States Department of Transportation. You will also need to get your motorcycle licensed and registered before hitting the road. For more information about motorcycle laws and safety, visit our motorcycle laws page.