Authorities are asking for help locating a vehicle allegedly involved in a collision with an SUV containing three 17-year-old occupants. The reported collision between the two vehicles allegedly prompted a highway chase at excessive speeds.

The driver of the SUV reportedly lost control as a result and crashed into a light pole south of the Green River in Kent, Washington. One passenger died and the other two occupants required hospitalization for injuries sustained in the crash.

Initial collision

The inciting incident allegedly occurred in the late afternoon or early evening last Tuesday on West Valley Highway. Witnesses describe a vehicle making a U-turn and heading in the opposite direction after striking an SUV that had stopped for traffic. Following the collision, the SUV turned around and started chasing the vehicle that allegedly struck it.

Though traveling on a stretch of highway where the speed limit is 40 miles per hour, the two vehicles may have reached twice that speed. Witnesses also describe the two vehicles engaging in potentially dangerous behavior, specifically passing others on the right.

Blunt force injuries

After leaving the roadway, the SUV crashed into the pole. Upon arriving at the scene and discovering the car with the three teenagers inside, authorities attempted life-saving efforts. The attempt was unsuccessful, and the 17-year-old boy died due to multiple blunt force injuries. The nature of the other two vehicle occupants’ injuries is unknown, as are their prognoses, but both traveled to area hospitals in the care of paramedics.

Crash investigation

Authorities have yet to locate the vehicle that allegedly struck the SUV despite an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash by law enforcement. Members of the public with information relevant to the investigation should contact the appropriate authorities.