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Helping Motorcycle Riders Get The Most Out Of Insurance

Until 2019, Washington did not require motorcyclists to carry insurance with liability coverage. Now, however, bikers need to make sure they have this type of insurance and understand how it works. Unfortunately, insurance matters can be complex, and filing a claim after a motorcycle accident can be tricky.

If you have questions about biker's insurance or claims, reach out to Soholm Law Firm, PLLC. I, Kristian Soholm, have nearly two decades of legal experience. I am committed to helping bikers worry less about legal issues and focus more on the ride.

What To Know About Your Insurance

Understanding your insurance policy and the law could make a motorcycle accident case easier to navigate. A few things to know about insurance and your policy include:

  • Liability insurance only provides compensation to the biker, driver or pedestrian who did not cause the accident.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is optional, and it determines the amount of compensation you can recover for your medical costs and other damages when another driver's liability insurance does not cover them.
  • Although drivers must carry liability insurance, not all drivers follow the law. An uninsured driver can cause an accident and have no way to pay you for the damages unless you win a lawsuit against them.

Washington's mandatory liability insurance law shields you if you cause an accident. It also ensures that a negligent driver who injures you or damages your property will have the insurance coverage to pay for your recovery. After a crash, I can work to secure full compensation for you.

Getting Compensation For An Accident

Despite the negligent driver's actions and policy, insurance companies are often reluctant to pay bikers the compensation they deserve. Profits frequently drive insurance companies to offer lowball settlements or deny claims entirely.

I take a tough stance against big companies to make sure my client has every opportunity possible to recover damages. Whether we need to take the company to court or negotiate, I am prepared to represent your interests.

Talk To Me About Your Motorcycle Insurance Issue

I am ready to sit down and personally counsel you about your insurance policy, accident claim or lawsuit. No matter how many obstacles are in your way, I can advocate for your interests. Call 206-274-9997 or email my office in Seattle for a free consultation today.

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