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Laws And Tips For Staying Safe On Your Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle makes many people feel truly free. To have that feeling of total freedom, you do not have to sacrifice your safety. In fact, if you were to have a brush with a potentially fatal accident, practicing good safety can allow you to ride longer in life.

At Soholm Law Firm, PLLC, I do not want to see more motorcyclists hurt or killed while enjoying their passion. In addition to following Washington's laws, you should learn the most useful motorcycle safety tips to help you avoid an accident.

Check Your Gear

Your equipment should include:

  • Effective eye protection free from scratches or warping
  • A compliant helmet in good condition
  • Appropriate gloves to enhance your grip and protect you from the elements
  • Tough full-body attire, including pants and a jacket
  • Boots that cover your entire foot and ankle to block potential debris
  • A reliable way to secure your personal belongings

What you wear and what you ride are personal choices, but your equipment must still follow the law. Make sure you are in peak riding condition by checking gear beforehand.

Know The Tricks To Riding

Safe ways to ride include:

  • Constantly watching for hazards in all directions
  • Making yourself as visible to other drivers as possible by signaling, avoiding blind spots and using your lights as necessary
  • Staying sober and unimpaired before riding
  • Choosing the clearest or best lane to ride
  • Staggering your formation when riding in a group

Whether you are new or experienced with riding a motorcycle, there is always a new trick to learn. Practicing swerving and steady braking in a safe environment may save your life in a future emergency.

Prepare A Plan For An Accident

Ideally, safety requirements and guidelines will help you avoid serious injury and damage to your motorcycle. However, your safety also depends on the actions of drivers around you.

If an accident happens near the Seattle area, know who to call. Reach me, Kristian Soholm, at 206-274-9997 or by email to get legal advice and representation when you need it.

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