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I Am Fully Dedicated To Helping Injured Clients

I have been a car and motorcycle fan my whole life. I love to go on long road trips throughout the Northwest and West Coast to find the best driving roads, like Northern Cascades Highway, Windy Ridge by St. Helens, Hurricane Ridge in the Olympics, Highway 101 to San Francisco, and too many others to mention. We are lucky to live in a region as stunning as ours, and I have spent the last 32 years visiting our most beautiful places. My favorite driving road? Forest roads 25 and 99 to Windy Ridge by St. Helens.

However, I know how dangerous the roads can be, and I know how an injury can change your life. I have represented hundreds of injured people since I was licensed to practice law in 2000. My passion for helping clients recover led me to open Soholm Law Firm, PLLC, to continue providing the highest quality of personal injury representation as I can.

Why Should You Hire My Firm?

While insurance companies are necessary and contribute to the overall good of society, the business of insurance dictates they try to get away with paying as little compensation as possible to injured people. That is just “good business,” as is trying to deny an otherwise valid claim for no reason; if the injured person goes away, the insurer will have saved a bundle.

I strive to practice law according to the following:

  • You will get as much personal contact as you want. If I am unable to answer your call or email immediately, I will respond within a few hours.
  • You will receive copies of important documents sent out in your case so you can see what I am doing on your behalf.
  • I will give you honest advice regarding what you can expect in your particular case. I will not tell what you want to hear at our first meeting just to sign you up as a client; I try to give you complete advice so you can make the best decisions regarding hiring me and your case generally. There is nothing worse for the client-attorney relationship than easy, early promises causing expectations that cannot be met. It happens too often that attorneys make early promises to sign clients up that later aren't kept, for sudden “unforeseen” reasons. Where the case was great during the first meeting, suddenly the case has lots of problems that require them to settle right away.
  • I want you to be 100% confident in my representation of you; I try to listen more than I speak and encourage you to contact me with questions or concerns.

I am protective of my reputation as tough and diligent with insurance companies and defense attorneys. As your accident lawyer, I will represent your interests at every turn.

Get To Know Me

I live in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood with my wife Helena, a mental health therapist. I moved to Seattle from Denmark in 1985; I am fluent in Danish and understand and read Swedish and Norwegian. My attorney profile is below:

I started working at Seattle's Magnolia Hi-Fi shortly after I arrived. I decided to become a lawyer when I was 19 and started college in 1991 while working full time. I graduated from the University of Washington in 1997 and from UW School of Law in 2000. I consider myself very lucky it was Seattle I moved to; it is the most wonderful city I know.

I started work during law school for a workers' compensation firm representing injured workers. After law school, I began representing persons injured by other people's negligence, whether from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, or premises liability. I also spent several years in general practice representing people in landlord-tenant, real property, contract and family law cases.

With a commitment to getting compensation for those who need it most, I started Soholm Law Firm in 2015. While my firm is relatively young, I can promise you that I will be accessible, that you will understand what is happening with your case, and that you will have my undivided attention.

I love to explore art, especially Seattle's music scene. I have been a music fan since I started playing my parents' LPs when I was 6. I do not discriminate: While I love the Seattle Opera and Seattle Symphony, I can also be found at punk and most other types of shows at Neumos on Capitol Hill, the Showbox downtown Seattle, Ballard's Tractor Tavern, the Seattle Symphony, and jazz/blues shows at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley.

I also love exploring Seattle by foot: long walks from Ballard through Wallingford to Capitol Hill, or across Queen Anne or Magnolia, and Magnolia's Discovery Park. I also love classic literature, biographies, history and politics.

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No two claims are identical, and even similar claims have a vast number of differences that can change the outcomes of the cases enormously. In other words, your case must be evaluated individually. Let it suffice to say that I have recovered millions of dollars for many hundreds of people during the last 19 years, with individual results varying from $4,000 to well over $1 million.

Feel free to call me at 206-274-9997 for a chat, and ask any questions you may have. You can also email me through this website, and I will respond promptly.

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