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Though motorcycling has become a mainstream activity, it is still considered a dangerous activity undertaken only by people with death wishes. People who have never ridden motorcycles cannot understand the tremendous pleasures of riding and cannot understand the kinship and understanding that exists between bikers the world over. Drivers also fail to understand that their actions can be a matter of life and death for bikers.

At Soholm Law Firm, PLLC, my practice is dedicated to representing injured motorcyclists. I know the knot bikers feel in the pit of their stomachs every time they approach cars waiting to turn left, hoping drivers do not turn left in front of them. Motorcyclists face many different dangers from cars, trucks and buses. When an accident happens, I am ready to find evidence to prove negligence and assert your rights.

As A Life-long Biker Myself, I Understand You

I passionately serve bikers who have been injured by negligent car drivers because I have been on two wheels for 35 years with 200,000-plus miles under my belt. I know what being in a major motorcycle crash is all about; I have been in a crash myself. I have personally experienced the negative treatment injured motorcyclists are subjected to from insurance companies, defense attorneys and others.

Soholm Law Firm, PLLC, will work tirelessly to win you maximum compensation for all your medical costs, lost wages and other damages. I will also fight for full compensation for your damaged motorcycle and all other gear or equipment damaged in the crash.

When you see me for a consultation, you won't get any “funny” comments from me about you being an organ donor or whether you have a death wish, and you won't be told all the motorcycle horror stories I've collected over the years. Bikers hear this stuff all the time from people who've never ridden, even from their own attorneys, and these types of statements show that people don't understand why we ride. I know why we ride, and I will get better results for you because of it.

Do Not Wait To Get Justice

Please remember the statute of limitations, which is a certain period in which you must sue the person who caused the accident. If you do not meet the deadline, you will forever lose the ability to get fair compensation. In Washington, generally, you must sue within three years of the date of the accident.

I will take your side against the insurance companies and drivers. If you have been hurt while riding because of someone else's negligence, contact me online or call 206-274-9997.

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