Motorcycle accident victims in Washington often have an uphill battle in getting justice when the other negligent driver is at fault. In situations where a distracted or confused driver causes serious injury or death to a motorcycle rider, there may be even more of a struggle. Families who have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident due to a negligent driver face tremendous emotional upheaval. reports that a family from the United Kingdom whose 19-year-old son died last summer in a motorcycle accident in the country came to the United States. In August, the man died after a serious motorcycle accident involving another car. An American woman, who claims diplomatic immunity, was allegedly responsible for the crash when she drove the wrong way. The family spoke to the U.S. President to get some answers about the incident. 

Although the driver initially claimed she would cooperate with authorities in the case, she left the country not long after the crash. The investigation into the crash remains open. Despite leaving the country, the alleged driver in the crash released a statement expressing remorse about the victim’s death. She has also indicated an interest in meeting with the victim’s family to apologize in person. 

Motorcycle accident victims and their families often face immeasurable pain and suffering with the aftermath. They also may have to deal with extreme medical expenses and funeral costs for their family member. While nothing brings back a lost loved one, many people find it helpful to talk to an attorney with experience in collecting damages for cases related to motorcycle accidents and negligent drivers.