In Washington, motorcyclists and other motor vehicle owners can have a tenuous relationship on the road. Motorcyclists are often at a disadvantage compared to other drivers. However, the drivers of other vehicles can take steps to help make the roads a safer place for them.

The first thing drivers can do is increase their awareness of their surroundings. Never take left turns without thoroughly checking both sides of the road. Always keep an ear out for the sounds of a motorcycle, as you may hear them before you see them. Learn to spot safety jackets, motorcycle headlights, and other reflective gear motorcyclists may use. Never rush your way into a four-way intersection.

It is important to remember that in a battle between a motorcycle and a covered vehicle, a motorcycle will almost always lose. For that reason, sparing extra caution is also a good thing for you to do no matter how you normally drive. If you see a motorcyclist, give them a little extra space. Check your blind spots any time you decide to make a lane change. It can be hard to spot motorcyclists who may be attempting to change lanes at the same time, and missing this crucial fact can lead to a tragic and avoidable crash.

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