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Car, Truck, And Motorcycle Damage

As a lifelong car enthusiast and perfectionist, I will help ensure your car, motorcycle, or truck receives the best repairs possible by working with the insurance company and repair facility, and if a proper repair is not possible or is too expensive, I will argue with your insurance company that your vehicle is totaled. I am familiar with the many considerations at work in dealing with vehicle damage, like:

  1. Ensuring your vehicle is repaired by a quality repair facility; there are many repair shops I do not recommend due to the substandard work quality. Insurers often steer repair work to “preferred” shops, knowing that the repairs will be as inexpensive as possible, which does not do you or your vehicle any favors.
  2. Ensuring your vehicle is repaired with OEM parts and that no recycled parts or cheap imitation parts are used.
  3. Watching out for repairs of structural damage to your vehicle, which indicates a much higher level of damage and more severe diminution of value. In such cases, I will carefully evaluate whether to simply argue with the insurance company that the vehicle is totaled.
  4. Ensuring I make claims for loss of use of your vehicle pending repairs and for diminution of your vehicle’s value once repairs are completed. If your car was worth $20,000 before the accident, it certainly isn’t after a $6,000 repair.